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The stallions of Royal Vista Ranch, made themselves known this weekend at Remington Park. Here is the Top 20 Fastest Times Sired by RVR Stallions

Oklahoma-Bred Futurity Day 1

1- COWGIRLS CAN FLY (Flying Cowboy 123 - Check Out This Queen, By Check Him Out)

4- APOCALYPTICAL MOON (Apollitical Jess - My Moon Crest, By First Moonflash)

5- ITEAS JESSY (Flying Cowboy 123 - Itea, By Corona Cartel)

9- BRISA DE MAR (Apollitical Jess - Aqua Girl, By Corona Cartel)

Oklahoma-Bred Futurity Day 2

1- FLYING WRANGLER (Flying Cowboy 123 - Docs Dusty Dale, By Okey Dokey Dale)

7- TOP FLYING COWBOY (Flying Cowboy 123 - Cropped Top, By Corona Cartel)

18- SAN LORENZO TRUMP (Apollitical Jess - Legacys A Streakin, By Streakin La Jolla)

Oklahoma-Bred Derby

1- COWBOYS R MYHEROS (Flying Cowboy 123 - Red Velvet Hero, By Valiant Hero)

2- CARDIAC COWBOY (Flying Cowboy 123 - Southard Cartel, By Carters Cartel)

7- APOLLITICAL WHIPLASH (Apollitical Jess - Sixes Fisher, By Fishers Dash)

8- MIDNIGHT POLITICS (Apollitical Jess - Midnight Sunlight, By Ivory James)

15- DOCS DUSTY DASH (Docs Best Card - Docs Dusty Dale, By Okey Dokey Dale)

Oklahoma Bred Oaks

3- JC WILD QUEEN (Apollitical Jess - Oh Cherokee Rose, By Stoli)

4- I GOT THISS (Apollitical Jess - Señorita Tres, By Tres Seis)

5- AJ GOLD HEART (Apollitical Jess - Premier Ethics, By Ethics Aside)

12- APOLLITICAL SUZE (Apollitical Jess - Brown Eye Suze, By Mr Eye Opener)

20- BIG MAMAS BACK (Flying Cowboy 123 - Miss Perrys Tres, By Tres Seis)


For additional information on breeding, contact Royal Vista Ranch Farm Manager—Laura Erickson—at (405) 449-7575.


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