Cole Morehead of XCEL Farms LLC Purchases Royal Vista Ranches
Amanda Glidden / Plugged In Marketing
Cole Morehead of XCEL Farms LLC has purchased Royal Vista Ranches in Wayne, Oklahoma.

WAYNE, OK–APRIL 15, 2022–In a recent Facebook post, Jill Cook and Laura Erickson announced they have sold Royal Vista Ranches to Cole Morehead of XCEL Farms LLC.

"After 17 years of owning and operating Royal Vista Ranches with our business partner Laura Erickson, we are selling the ranch and allowing new enthusiasm and ideas to be pursued," Cook said.

"Laura is staying as general manager and will continue to oversee your horses day to day. There is no one in the business that works harder or cares for your horses any better than Laura. After Vaughn passed in October 2020 it was hard for me to be helpful living in Colorado and Laura has done an exceptional job carrying all the responsibility."

According to the post Morehead of XCEL Farms, LLC is purchasing the Oklahoma facility with plans to continue the legacy of Royal Vista Ranches tradition of breeding top stallions, raising foals, sales prep, and providing reproductive services to the industry and foremost, treating people right.

"Cole is fairly new to the racehorse industry and has garnered the help of the highly respected horseman Marty Powers. This team of Laura, Cole and Marty will bring great things to Royal Vista Ranches and I am excited for them as well as proud that they are dedicated to carrying on the name and the tradition. Vaughn would approve," Cook added.

"'Business as Usual' is going to be the Royal Vista Ranches motto moving into the second half of 2022," Morehead said.  "Although we plan on merging the current operation with resources from the XCEL Farms Team, there will be no disruptions to the way business has been handled in the past at Royal Vista Ranches."

Erickson began her association with Royal Vista and Vaughn and Jill Cook in 1995.

"I could not be more proud to have been associated with these two amazing people. The life and memories we have shared over the past 27 years have been nothing short of amazing," she said. "Vaughn and Jill have been so much more than business partners and friends, they are my family."

"This next chapter is one that is extremely exciting and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with the team being assembled," Erickson continued. "Cole Morehead of XCEL Farms LLC, Marty Powers of MP Horses and myself will be joining together to continue the legacy of Royal Vista Ranches and move forward into the future to provide the very best in service to the horse industry."

Legendary Oklahoma horseman Marty Powers will be joining the Royal Vista Ranches team as Ranch Director of Operations and has committed to helping grow the breeding operation.  He brings several years of stallion management to the team in addition to his overall knowledge of the horse industry itself. 

"Like Laura, Marty's reputation precedes him and one can only imagine what the two of these extremely talented individuals can accomplish when paired together on the same team," Morehead says. "They are both very excited to work together in their roles and are confident that they can bring a new energy to the operation that the industry is currently in need."

"The most important thing that the industry needs to know is that our existing clients' needs at both Royal Vista Ranches and XCEL Farms will always be the top priority.  We in no way expect our clients to see major changes in how their horses have been cared for in the past."

"Serving the people of the horse industry and caring for their horses with honesty, integrity and excellence is something that the three of us all agree is paramount and that is our mission moving forward," Erickson said.  "I believe that Vaughn would be proud of us and I know that he is watching over us, guiding us, and he too would feel honored to welcome Cole and Marty to our team."

For any questions Morehead urged people to contact him at (785) 614-1489, Laura Erickson at the Ranch Office (405) 449-7575 or Marty Powers at (405) 203-2072.

"My wife, Marijo and I cannot emphasize enough how honored we feel to be able to help carry on the legacy that Vaughn, JiII and Laura created at Royal Vista Ranches and to also be working alongside legendary horseman Marty Powers," he said. 

"I simply hope that I can do my part, working alongside this outstanding team, trying to improve the horse industry that we all care about so much," Morehead concluded.