Jill Cook Shares An Exciting New Future for Royal Vista Ranches

I am so excited to announce a new chapter for Royal Vista Ranches. After 17 years of owning and operating Royal Vista Ranches with our business partner Laura Erickson, I am selling my interest and allowing new enthusiasm and ideas to be pursued. Laura is staying as general manager and will still be in charge of your horse’s day to day. There is no one in the business that works harder or cares for your horses any better than Laura. After Vaughn passed in October 2020 it was hard for me to be helpful living in Colorado and Laura has done an exceptional job carrying all of the responsibility.

Cole Morehead with XCEL Farms LLC is purchasing the ranch and plans to continue the legacy of Royal Vista Ranches by continuing the tradition of breeding top stallions, raising foals, sales prep, and providing reproductive services to the industry and foremost; treating people right. Cole is fairly new to the race horse industry and has garnered the help of the highly respected horseman Marty Powers. This team of Laura, Cole and Marty will bring great things to Royal Vista Ranches and I am excited for them as well as proud that they are dedicated to carrying on the name and the tradition. Vaughn would approve.

-Jill Cook DVM